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How We Operate


The Horizon Drive District

How We Operate

Mission Statement

Committed to build community, enhance the beauty and advocate the economic vitality of the Horizon Drive District.

Vision Commitment

The Board serves the constituency of the District members, and at all times in its capacity strives to: (1) lead with creativity, vision and commitment; (2) Advocate the best interests of the District and the City of Grand Junction with all stakeholders; (3) Preserve the unique character and thoughtfully improve the image and quality of this gateway to Grand Junction.

How We Operate

The Horizon Drive District was formed in 2004 as a Business Improvement District (BID) under Colorado Statute §31-25-101, which allows Business Improvement Districts to be formed within municipalities of Colorado.   As such, the City of Grand Junction oversees the District and appoints the Board of Directors.

Under the Colorado Statute, the District is granted the power to levy and collect ad valorem taxes on all taxable commercial property within the boundaries of the District.  The tax set by the District is also called a mil levy.  The District may levy no more than 5.0 mils (.005) upon every dollar of the valuation assessment of taxable property within the District.  The Mesa County Assessor collects the mil levy for the District through property taxes.

See our “Directory, Newsletter & More!” page for a list of the Board meeting dates.  The District welcomes your comments and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to email or call any of the Board members or the District’s representative.

Finances and Documents

Operating Plans

2012 Strategic & Operating Plan

The Horizon Drive District is required to submit an annual Operating Plan to the City of Grand Junction.  The Operating Plan is generally drafted by the District in September and submitted to the City for review and approval in October.  The Operating Plan summarizes the District’s prior year endeavors, sets goals and includes a draft budget for the next year.


2015 Audit

2016 Final Budget

2016 Revised Budget

The Horizon Drive District is required to submit annual audits and financial statements to the State of Colorado and the City of Grand Junction. The financial statements are prepared by an independent third party accounting firm. Budgeted revenues are primarily the .005 mil levy collected by Mesa County on the assessed value of commercial real property within the Horizon Drive District.   Budgeted expenses are primarily capital re-investment based.   A goal of the volunteer Board of Directors is to maintain minimal administrative expenses in order to allow the material portion of annual receipts to be committed to capital re-investment within the District.


2015 Horizon Exhibit

2011 Economic Impact & Traffic Report